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Photo Booth Basics

While a basic, non-themed photo booth can be fun for weddings, galas, conventions, birthday parties or other events — the right photo booth design can really improve the quality of your images and help make the occasion more memorable for guests. At Gogi Visuals we have a wide variety of photo booth props for sale that can accentuate your entire set up and offer the kind of professional look for photos that people want.

Our booths are utilized at events and festive gathering all over the NYC area, as well as nationwide. From Brooklyn to New Jersey — including the Bronx, Staten Island, Manhattan and Jersey City — as well as across the country, our photo props are the top choice for organizers and event venues.

The first thing you’ll want to do is pick props that highlight the theme or location of your event. Choosing the most effective set up is easy. We have entire packages for a number of different props and signs for that special theme that will strike the right note. Our photo prop choices include:

Props based on the occasion – such as a graduation, birthday, wedding, charity event or professional association (dentistry, law, etc.)

Props based on the location – including a country club, rural settings such as a farm or nature preserve, cities like NYC, Boston, Chicago or San Francisco and other destination weddings — such as a sunny tropical beach or mountain top ski lodge theme.

Props based on a theme – from Star Wars to trolley cars, our theme-based packages can help to get your guests in the mood to party. For a Hawaiian-style wedding, flower garlands known as leis work great.

Popular Photo Props Booth Ideas

Some of our most popular choices for photo booth props include:

Movie and Pop Culture Themes – such as the golden age of Hollywood glamour, iconic pop culture and cult favorites such as Star Wars and Star Trek, Pulp Fiction — as well as 1920s gangster and Western cowboy themes.

Kids Themes and Baby Themes – for birthday parties and baby showers we have a selection including colorful birthday balloons, animated children’s shows, dashing little man, princess, stork and baby name reveal themes.

City Scape Themes – Our photo props NYC cityscape prop kit includes street signs, subway stop names, as well as Statue of Liberty torches and crowns. We can also do street car, tram and trolley props for a San Francisco or New Orleans themed party.

We can also offer props including:

Gold Glitter – for glasses, speech bubbles, and lips-on-sticks – great for New Year’s parties!

Cats! – blown up photos of your favorite pets for guests to pose with

Faux Flowers – such as roses and garlands — or an entire flower backdrop

Vintage Phones – old phone handsets complete with old fashioned curly cords

Travel Props – such as vintage luggage, a camera, fedoras and Hawaiian shirts

Musical Instruments – from saxophones to electric guitars and trumpets

Photo Booth Signs Sets

Photo props signs sets can include a backdrop photo along with banners stands such as:

Photo Props
  • 24” Tension Fabric Banner Stand
  • 36” Tension Fabric Banner Stand
  • 48” Tension Banner Stand
  • Banner Stand Supporting Shelf
  • Wooden Photo Booths



Ring Lights

Make your event photos more Instagram and Facebook friendly. Our professional ring lights for photo booths can be made to accommodate most smart phones — including Apple iPhone and Samsung Galaxy. Their photo quality is so awesome it will make your guests look like they’ve been photo shopped to perfection!

  • 24” 10” or 18” LED Ring Lights
  • 24” Universal Smart Phone Holder
  • 24” Use with a tablet – equipped with programs such as Simple Booth or Snappic you can now have photos sent directly to guests’ phones!
  • Tripod Stand – adjustable height for freestanding use or placement on a table, desktop or MUA makeup counter

Photo Booth Prop Accessories

For a photo props modern booth that’s attractive and effective, you’ll want your entire set up to be on point. This often means paying attention to the little things — so that attendees will be able to easily find and choose the props they’d like to use.

That’s why the best photo booth props include both elegant photo booth props — as well as an adequately sized photo booth prop rack and hat stand, in order to organize and hold the props your guests will use. You’ll also need a banner stand to hold up your backdrop. We can even go the extra mile for event organizers and party planners with accessories that include:

  • Backdrop Stands to accommodate any size photo backdrop
  • Themed prop racks and hat stands (steam punk, 1920s, 1980s, etc.)
  • A large selection of materials and colors to match any décor
  • A variety of rack sizes to accommodate any size venue or number of guests
  • Other Accessories such as photo booth curtains, balloons and glitter


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