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There are more than 45,000 miles of road in New York City and New Jersey. That’s enough highways, streets and service roads to drive around the globe — twice. 

Traditional roadside ads such as billboards are expensive and limited to certain permitted areas. What if you could turn your company car, work van or delivery truck into a moving ad that effortlessly promotes your business every time it’s out and about?  

You can now advertise your company’s products and services anywhere you’re driving or parked — including some of the world’s most expensive real estate. From the bright lights of Times Square to the sunbathed crowds at the Jersey Shore, from busy streets to sprawling parking lots — bring your own mobile billboard wherever you go, with Vehicle Wraps from Gogi Visuals.

What is a Wrap?

A wrap is a vinyl graphic that can be installed on just about any surface. Popular locations for wraps include either full or partial wall wraps and window wraps. In addition to these more traditional types of installations, Gogi Visuals also specializes in custom vehicle wraps made to fit almost any type of road conveyance — from sedans and sports cars to van wrap installation, SUVs and box delivery trucks to cross country tractor trailers. They can be customized to communicate any message and fit any preference — including the: Coverage area, Size, Text and Color.

Attention Sign Companies: Printing Services Available for Installers

If you have the facilities to install vehicle wraps but lack the necessary capital for commercial grade printing equipment, we’re more than happy to provide flawless prints that meet or exceed your client’s needs. We offer graphics that won’t fade, printed on material that lasts. With the proper care, our wraps are guaranteed to stay in service for years.

Wholesale and Trade Prices Available

Whether you own a fleet of vans, food trucks, semi-trucks or company cars, we offer wholesale and trade prices with bulk discounts available. We prefer maintaining a relationship over making a single quick sale, that’s why we stake our reputation on repeat business from thousands of satisfied customers. 

Whether large multinational firms, start-ups or local businesses, we treat every project as a priority and every client’s expectations as our duty to fulfill. We also welcome rush orders.

Gogi Visuals offers Wrap Printing for:

  • Sign Makers
  • Window Wrap and Wall Wrap Installers
  • Vehicle Wrap Installers
  • Food Truck Wrap Installers
  • Fleet Van and Truck Wraps of All Types
  • 3M Certified Installation
  • 3M Vinyl Printers

The process of installing wraps is known as wrap installation. At Gogi Visuals we’re licensed and insured 3M certified installers who can apply any type of wrap to almost any surface. Our portfolio of work includes wrap design, production, and installation for clients and projects including:

Wall Decals

Wrap Installtion

  • Wholesale Printers
  • Retailers
  • Movie Shoots
  • Beer Distributors
  • Food Deliveries
  • Grand Openings 
  • Coming Soon Window Signs
  • Temporary Graphics
  • Advertising Campaigns
  • Pop-up Stores
  • Food Trucks

We Print and Laminate Our Own Wraps

Our 3M, Oracal and Avery vinyl is printed and then laminated in-house to ensure quality control at every step. At Gogi Visuals, our vinyl graphics are not only inspected but double and triple checked in order to ensure superior prints. 

Whether our projects are at the design, production or installation stage we believe in cutting waste — and saving you valuable time and money in the process — by doing things right the first time. 

That’s why we offer a design-build-install, full service model of sign making and graphics printing. Even if you’re providing your own design, we’ll proof your image files in order to make sure they’re printer-ready.

Contact us today for Wrap Services

Whether you’re located anywhere in New Jersey or NYC — including Jersey City, Linden, Newark, Paterson, Elizabeth, Edison, Manhattan, or the Bronxcontact Gogi Visuals today for the best in truck wrap installation, van wraps installation, trailer wraps installation, food cart wrap installation, and more.