Sign Letters Installation

Gogi Visuals Pin Mounted Letter Signs are a great way to advertise your business name with real three dimensional lettering that you can touch and feel. 

What is a 3-Dimensional Letter?

3-D letters are individually installed characters that have a noticeable depth to them, in addition to height and width. They can present as either bold or understated, and are made from a variety of materials including metal, plastic, and acrylic. When installed, they can be mounted from the back using either mechanical fasteners — such as crews, rivets and welding — or 3M VHB tape. No matter where you want your letters installed, our seasoned technicians are experts at placing them in all locations, settings and conditions.

Make any flat surface three dimensional, with logo letters that are individually placed for a standout installation that offers maximum visual impact. They allow you to take your signage to the next level.

Our award-wining pin mounted letters include:

Metal Letters Installation

Ideal for outdoors — or the exteriors of storefronts, as well as business and professional offices — metal letters are made to last through any weather. Standing the test of time, they remain our most durable material option. They are also surprisingly affordable.

Some of our most popular features and options include:

We can install our pin mounted letters on virtually any wall surface:

  • Flush-mounted Letters
  • Raised Lettering using Spacers
  • Chrome, Brass, Copper or Bronze  
  • Polished, Flat or Brushed finishes

Acrylic Letters Installations

In any competitive field or market, you need to stand out from the crowd. One great way to accomplish this is with acrylic letters. Whether it’s a corporation, school, healthcare setting or hotel, this versatile material — also known as plexiglass — really makes an impression. You can have a sleek, lightweight version installed indoors near your reception area, with a more durable graphic displayed outdoors.

Other options include:

  • Satin or Glossy finish
  • Flush or Raised Mounting
  • Backlit Channel Letters for outdoors, nighttime and other low light conditions

Wooden Letters Installations

Whether you have a single location small business or a large corporate office, wood letters offer warmth and more natural “personal touch” for your mounted lettering signage. Made using either a CNC router for gentle curves, or a precision laser cutter for more angular letters, the different types of wood grains and finishes convey the unique personality of your organization. One option is finished plywood, which can be used to evoke an industrial or artisanal look. 

Some other choices for wood finishes are:

  • Red Mahogany
  • Cherry
  • Walnut
  • Light or Golden Oak
  • Walnut
  • Silver, Gray or Gold

Push Through Sign Installations

A groundbreaking new type of dimensional lettering is the push through sign. Usually a hybrid of acrylic and aluminum letters, each material is CNC routed separately — then later assembled for a unified, more animated look. Great for shopping malls, storefront retail or commercial buildings, push through letters offer many benefits, such as:

⇒ Allows greater depth of field, creating an impressive 3-D graphic

⇒ Can incorporate a more custom design that really jumps out at you

⇒ Fun and memorable

Plastic Letters Installation

Plastic letters, including PVC and other flexible materials, are a great way to create signage that both adds value and looks great, all while staying within the constraints of a tight budget. The wide range of features and choices for plastic lettering and logos, include:

⇒ PVC or Styrene

⇒ Exterior grade plastics

⇒ Both lightweight and sturdy

⇒ Extreme durability when (and where) it counts

Foam Letters Installation

Foam Core Letter Signs offers larger lettering for a greater value — and they can often be fabricated under a faster production schedule. Foam Letters are ideal for both retail stores and trade shows due to their light weight, durability and value. They’re also great for non-profitsand schools due to their impressive stature and overall presentation — without the high costs normally associated with “going big”or including additional text such as a slogan. 

Some of the other reasons Foam Letters are both versatile and durable:

⇒ Dibond with a solid Polyethylene foam core for quality construction

⇒ Pre-painted sheets — for brilliant, longer-lasting colors 

⇒ .12” aluminum face in white, gold or silver with either a brushed or polished finish

⇒ Ideal for longer text such as inspirational quotes or motivational slogans


Styles and Types of Letters Installations

Pin Mounted (aka Standoff Installation)Pin Mounted Letters appear to sit several inches off of their wall mountings, creating a “floating” 3-D appearance. Utilizing discreet metallic standoff spacers, bolts or studs known as pins, they offer the ability to create an impressive visual illusion that helps draw in foot traffic.

Wall Mounted – Installed on the exterior of your property or inside your home or office, wall mounted letters are installed flat against your wall but — due to their dimensional depth — are raised toward the viewer. They offer a sleek and distinctive 3-Dlook that is sure to turn heads and gain attention.

Volumetric Letters – A great choice for either indoors or outdoors, volumetric letters can either be dimensional or sit flush against a wall. They are easily displayed anywhere — from lobbies to rooftops. When meant to be seen from up close, 3D volumetric letters can also be free-standing, rather than held up from behind by pins or metal framing.

Freestanding Letters – Offering instantly recognizable messages such as “Love”, freestanding letters are iconic and charming in ways that can easily connect with your audience. Great for holiday or welcome greetings, freestanding letters are great for use in businesses as well as homes. 

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