Vinyl Decals Installation

All throughout the New York City area — from Bronx storefronts and Manhattan skyscrapers to the tree lined streets and industrial corridors of Jersey City, Newark, Paterson and Elizabeth, New Jersey — decals are the workhorse of advertising for both big business and small stores.

Vinyl decals printed on 3M film are often the perfect solution for commercial tenants — including cafes, offices, eateries, retail stores and freelancers — who want the look of etched or gold leaf painted glass, wall art murals or branded floors and ceilings, without the expense and commitment of construction or hand carving.

We have the right solution for you to claim any size space for your brand and make it both unique and inviting:

  • Storefront Window Decals
  • Restaurant Decals
  • Office Wall Decals
  • Window Lettering
  • Logo Decals
  • Floor Graphics
  • Adhesive Decals
  • Door Decals
  • Gold Leaf Decals

At Gogi Visuals, our entire award-winning team of 3M certified vinyl decals installation specialists and graphic designers can help you tackle the entire process. We’ll work with you from the conceptual design stages all the way through printing, installation — and even removal when you need to move, change offices or swap out graphics. 

As a full service decal installation company, we print and install all types of permanent or temporary vinyl window decals installations and wall decals on any surface, including: 

Glass Decals

Glass decals are a great way to brand one of the most overlooked and underutilized advertising spaces — your storefront windows and retail store mirrors. Unlike with hand etching and lettering, window decal installations can be easily removed without damaging the glass by simply peeling them off. They also work great on glass counters and display cases. Decorate your location’s glass surfaces with custom logos, artwork and lettering — without violating your lease.

Wall Decals 

Whether it’s a company slogan, motivational text and beautiful wall art for your office space — or directional signage for a trade shows, retail stores and shopping malls — wall decal installations are an easy way to add both decoration and function to otherwise blank walls. Wall decals are versatile and easy to change or remove at a moment’s notice. These can offer the look of custom painted walls without the commitment or expense. They also work great on floors and ceilings.

Gold Leaf Decals

The “gold” standard for window graphics in boutique shops and restaurants, gold leaf vinyl decals are a stylish yet understated way of customizing your storefront window. While hand painted window lettering with real gold can be prohibitively expensive and often impractical, gold leaf vinyl decals offer the look you want at a price you can actually afford. 

We also offer:

⇒ Silver Leaf Decals

⇒ Etched Glass 

⇒ Frosted Glass (Great for Business and Professional Offices)

Matte Black Decals 

Ideal for almost any type of office or retail setting, matte black decals and lettering are great for not only advertising your business logo but for promoting products, services and listing hours of operation. The matte finish reduces light glare, allowing your important message to be more easily read under both natural and artificial light conditions.

Matte black decals are a great addition to:

⇒ Glass Surfaces

⇒ Walls

⇒ Floors

⇒ Ceilings

⇒ Vehicle Doors

⇒ Trailers


Reflective Decals 

Reflective decals can either be screen printed with spot colors or digitally printed in full color on engineer grade 3M reflective vinyl sheeting. If you need your graphics to stand out at night, these are a great way to do it. They work by bouncing light back towards a focused light source, such as car headlights. This makes the decals appear to light up from inside. Being extremely versatile, they look the same as normal vinyl decals during the day — but add an element of visibility and increased safety at night or under low light conditions.

Reflective decals are great additions for:

⇒ Mirrors

⇒ Walls and Floors

⇒ Directional/ Wayfinding Signage

⇒ Concert Venues

⇒ Bars and Nightclubs

⇒ Work Trucks and Company Vehicles

⇒ Road and Construction Signage

Decals Printing Services

Whether you need an original design, a customized alteration to an existing logo theme or are providing your own completed artwork, Gogi Visuals provides superior commercial-grade printing and shaping for the decal of your dreams. Our printing and fabricating lab uses the latest equipment — including the HP R1000, Multicam CNC and precision Zünd cutters — that can create the look you want at the price you need. We’re expert at all types of vinyl adhesives, from bumper stickers to building-sized large format decals.

We print and install:

  • Design
  • Fabrication
  • Product Line Roll-outs
  • Digital Wall And Window Displays
  • Lighting (including LED an Neon)
  • CAD Cutting and Carving
  • Vinyl Window Decals
  • Prop production and staging
  • Window and Barricade wraps
  • Multi-story graphic displays

Decal Removal

Other than the relatively low cost and great look, the biggest advantage of decals over other forms of signage is their ease of removal. In some cases — such as with large, complex or more intricate decal displays — you may wish to have them professionally removed. At Gogi Visuals, we have the skilled technicians and equipment — including scissor lifts and bucket trucks — to take down any decal in hard to reach areas, narrow corners or other awkward spots.

  • Ceiling and Floor Decals Removal
  • Wall Decals Removal
  • Glass and Window Decals Removal

All Vinyl Decals Removal Our team will leave your glass, plaster or drywall surfaces looking good as new without a trace of glue. One reason is we only use the highest grade adhesives to minimize the risk of damage to the mounting surface, otherwise known as a substrate. We invest in only the best tools and materials in order to maximize your satisfaction — before, during, and even after your decal’s service life.

No matter what your situation is, we’re happy to consult with you on the best way to remove any display. At Gogi Visuals we don’t see challenging conditions as problems; we’ll find the right solutions that work for you.  

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