Board signs are perhaps our most popular type of rigid sign. Made from a number of different materials, they are extremely customizable for a variety of purposes.

At Gogi Visuals our large format board printing sign NYC capabilities allow us to print posters and business signage on almost any material, including foam core — featuring either plastic, wood fiber veneer or aluminum sign faces. These types of corrugated plastic, wood, metal and foam signs go by a variety of names — including gator board, gatorfoam, correx and aluminum board.

Correx Board Printing

Correx is a light and inexpensive form of board signage that is made using a type of corrugated polypropylene. Gogi Visuals Correx signs use fluted twin walls to maximize the strength of this lightweight material. Normally used both outdoors and indoors as a rigid display board, Correx is ideal for temporary applications but still rugged enough to be out in the weather.

Correx can be easily hung using either permanent or non-permanent mechanical fasteners such as nails, rivets, staples and screws, as well as non-mechanical fasteners and adhesives like glue — even suction cups, double-side tape and Velcro work. While strong, Correx is generally considered less durable than Foamex.

  • Price Range: economical, inexpensive
  • Thickness: normally ranges between 4mm and 6mm — but can be made as thick as 10mm or more for certain installation types
  • Dimensions: popular dimensions include 18″ x 24″, 24″ x 36″, 48″ x 96″, 60″ x 96″, 48″ x 120″ and 60″ x 120″, with custom sizing also available
  • Most Popular Uses: Real Estate Signs, Construction and Building Developer Signs, Festival Signage, Trade Shows and other temporary Media, as well as a myriad of other short term needs

Foamex Printing

Foamex is a type of PVC foam board. This type of sign features a foam core sandwiched between two layers of flexible Polyvinyl Chloride or PVC, otherwise known as vinyl film. Although the center is considered “foam” it functions as a solid plastic sheet. Foamex is strong, sturdy and waterproof — making it more durable than Correx as well as adequate for both long term indoor use and outdoor use*. Mounting can be accomplished by drilling holes for screws, framing and easel display, chemical adhesives such as glue or Velcro.

Foamex is extremely resistant to wear and tear damage from regular handling and — since it is essentially as solid piece of plastic — will not crumble. This, plus its light weight makes it ideal for indoor event and trade show signage. The sign face is also presents as consistently flat, even and smooth for attractive graphics printing.

This product’s only drawback is its tendency to expand in heat and contract in cold, making it adequate for outdoor use but not ideal for unlimited long term outdoor display* — especially when left for long periods in extreme weather.

Board Printing

Board Printing

  • Price Range: cost-effective, moderately inexpensive
  • Thickness: usually 3mm to 5mm
  • Dimensions: standard sheets are around 97″ x 48″ but they may be custom cut to any size
  • Most Popular Uses: Trade Show Signs, Outdoor Advertising (*preferably brought inside during extreme heat and cold), Restaurant Menu Boards, Long Term Indoor Retail Signage

Aluminum Board Printing

Otherwise known as Dibond Boards, aluminum dibond composite sheets are constructed of a polyethylene core sandwiched in between two sheets of sturdy aluminum, which act as the outer surfaces. Although not as lightweight as Correx, Dibond is still relatively easy to lift and transport, in addition to being extremely strong, weatherproof and durable. It has a long service life and can be used both indoors and outdoors for years.

Normally attached to a post or wall using screws, rivets or nails, this type of sign is both rust resistant and features a panel that will not crack — even under extreme temperatures. The sign face also takes on graphics extremely well, as it is completely flat with a consistent texture and uniform thickness.

  • Price Range: premium cost — ideal for investment in ultra-durable, long term signage
  • Thickness: usually 3mm
  • Dimensions: popular dimensions range from 49″ x 98″ to 59″ x 120″, along with other custom sizing options
  • Most Popular Uses: Building Exteriors, Store Signs, Durable Event Signage, Museum Exhibitions, Art Galleries, Shopping Malls, Weatherproof Exterior Signage and a wide variety of other long term applications

Site Hoarding Board Printing

Hoarding boards were originally used to announce the presence of a construction site. Utilized for both worksite safety and promotional purposes, this type of sign begs the public’s forgiveness for any inconvenient detours, unsightly construction or noise — all while showing an attractive illustration of what the completed project will look like. This style of large format board printing has become extremely popular as a form of advertisement in itself.

This type of sign can be made from Correx, Foamex or Aluminum Composite Board — depending on the exact location and expected service life. The popularity of hoarding boards epitomizes one of the greatest advantages of foam board printing — the ability to retain beautiful vibrant colors and sharp high definition graphics for long periods of time without the fading seen in other types of similarly priced signage.

In addition to hoarding boards, we can also print:

  • Swing Signs
  • Strut Cards
  • Board Printing Signs

Full Service Custom Board Printing

At Gogi Visuals we specialize in all types and sizes of foam board printing — utilizing custom, original artwork either provided by our clients or designed in-house by our award winning graphics department. The board printing services we provide are recognized as second to none as printing signs in NYC for use in all five boroughs— including Brooklyn, the Bronx, Staten Island and Manhattan — Jersey City, NJ as well as nationwide. In addition to printing we can also install our signs anywhere, night or day.

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