ZUND Cutting

The G3 Cutter is a precision machine. From innovative drive system to blade, all components are perfectly coordinated. Produce your jobs at the highest quality level, economically and efficiently. Your customers will be thrilled with the results.With modular tool and material-handling systems, you can tailor your G3 cutter to your specific requirements. Zünd’s modular design concept lets you customize your cutting solution according to your specific production requirements.

One Machine with so many function tools:

  • Cutting Tools
  • Oscillating Tools
  • Rotary Tools
  • Creasing Tools
  • Electric Oscillating Tool
  • Pneumatic Oscillating Tool
  • Kiss-Cut Tool
  • Braille Tools
  • Drawing Tools
  • Routing Tools

Comprehensive material database constitutes the core of the Zünd Cut Center software. It includes a multitude of materials in various thicknesses, as well as the recommended processing methods and parameters associated with each of them. All suggested methods and parameters are based on extensive testing performed by the Zünd R&D department.
The Cut Queue calculates an estimated processing time in each phase of production. Once a job is completed, the actual production time is saved along with thecut data. You can export this information anytime for invoicing purposes or for planning repeat orders

Zund Cutting

ZUND Cutting Uses

  • Foam based materials
  • Corrugated/ honeycomb
  • 3D displays
  • Decorative vinyl
  • Alu composites
  • Vehicle graphics

Zünd G3 eliminates the bottlenecks in your finishing department by automating all cutting/trimming functions. Manual cutting, with all inherent costs, potential for mistakes, and lack of efficiency, is reduced to an absolute minimum. With optimized workflow, G3 further boosts productivity.

Versatility and longevity:No other cutting or routing machine is as flexible or adaptable as G3 with its modular tool concept. G3 cuts materials up to 50 mm/2″ thickness. The selection of sizes, modules, tools, and material-handling options is extensive yet straightforward.

Swiss workmanship, quality, reliability G3 cutters from Zünd are specifically designed for 24/7 operation. They offer a unique combination of heavy-duty construction and superb accuracy. The standard 2-year manufacturer`s warranty on the base machine is further evidence of G3’s exceptional quality.

Ergonomics and user-friendliness:Designed by award-winning industrial designer Richard Amiel, G3 provides optimal workflow efficiency with such time saving features as uninhibited access from all sides, an ergonomically designed control panel, and 60 mm/2,36″ clearance between beam and cutting surface.: