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Johannes Gutenberg invented the printing press in 1439, revolutionizing the way information is transmitted. Fast forward to today; we now have the ability to communicate our ideas to the world with unparalleled speed and precision — whether online or in person with real prints that you can touch and feel. This act of effectively communicating a valuable offer is the definition of marketing.

Get Your Ideas Out To the World

Print production in advertising means turning a creative thought into printed material that has value for customers. Doing that requires designing and constructing image files that are then printed, folded and trimmed in order to get your message across — both quickly and correctly.

At Gogi Visuals we have over a century of combined experience in all types of graphics printing, including:

Offset Printing – Our traditional offset printing uses etched metal plates to apply ink onto paper, similar to a typewriter or an old fashioned printing press. It offers a superior quality print and more precise color control for large circulation runs. This is still considered the gold standard for larger quantities of copy prints.

Digital Printing – As our business has grown over the last three decades, so has the quality of digital printing. It is now considered close to offset printing in terms of production value. With a variety of interesting one-of-a-kind paper choices, as well as highly adaptable print capabilities, digital is now thought of as the go-to printing option for smaller, on-demand print runs when a short turnaround time is essential.

Large Format Printing – Any print that is larger than a standard piece of paper and meant to be read from a distance — such as wall or graphic window banners — is considered a large format print. Wide format printing usually refers to the specific dimensions of the print. Our HP R1000 and HP 560 printers have a width capacity of 1.64 meters or 64 inches.

Graphics Printing

Graphic Printing

  • We also offer onsite installation services for international retailers providing their own graphics


Wall Graphics Printing – Taking inspiration from works of art such as painting or photography, our wall murals printing can create the ideal decoration or conversation piece for offices, schools, retail stores, event management companies and media companies. From company logos to kids’ room decorations, wall graphics are a way to instantly accessorize any space.  

Wall Decals Printing – Whether encapsulating your company culture with a slogan, tagline — or offering your employees inspiration with a well-known quote or motivational saying — wall decals are one of the most versatile and easy ways to decorate and personalize your home or workplace. We can also provide custom lettering for brick and mortar locations, pop-up stores or vehicle doors.

Yard Sign Printing – Otherwise known as lawn signs, bandit signs, placards and road signs, yard signs are small signs that are placed in front of a home or business. They can be used to advertise a business, promote a political candidate or announce an event. The sign face is made of a corrugated plastic called coroplast and normally placed into the ground with a metal wire stand. Our yard signs come complete with stands in 18 and 24 inch sizes. We can either use your own artwork or design original custom graphics in-house at our Brooklyn headquarters.

Small Format Commercial Printing – Our innovative commercial printing uses the right mix of text and illustration — complete with first class finishing techniques — for paper textures that offer better handfeel and an overall look that gets noticed. Our big picture approach to small format paper prints such as handouts and direct mailers includes soft spot aqueous, spot dull, as well as glossed finishes — along with endless combinations of pairings — for unsurpassed legibility and tactility.

UV Printing – Using ultra violet light to quickly dry ink allows for a more dynamic end product that bursts with ultra-high gloss for photographs, logos and postcard images. 

Variable Data Graphic PrintingGraphs, charts, timelines, as well as text in vibrant colors — for visual aids that will help make your presentations more fun and informative. 

Full Service Graphics Printing – Local, Regional and Nationwide  

In addition to creating and proofing designs, printing, folding as well as precision cutting your graphics — we can also install larger prints on wall, floors, ceilings and building exteriors in addition to graphic window signs. Our service area covers all of NYC and New Jersey — including Manhattan, Staten Island, the Bronx and Jersey City. We can also ship, deliver and install nationwide.

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