Crowd Control Rental

Whether you’re organizing an event at a store or running a restaurant, concert venue, theater or nightclub, you will often need to have patrons line up in an orderly fashion outside — to both ensure their safety and prevent them from obstructing sidewalk pedestrian traffic.

Barricades are a practical solution for any situation where ease of use is important, space is a concern, and the speed of installation is paramount. They go by many different names, including velvet rope and bank barricades. They can be made from the luxurious velour material seen outside of popular party venues or the simple canvas used in airports and financial institutions.

There are several important reasons to use a crowd control rope system:

  • Prevent customers from skipping the line
  • Advertise the exclusivity of your location or event with added curb appeal
  • Keep sidewalks clear of patrons for foot traffic to pass
  • Prevent violations of sidewalk easement and other zoning rules
  • Keep shopping crowds moving through tight indoor retail spaces

In some cases, you may only need your crowd control barriers temporarily for one single or seasonal event. Everyone knows storage space in New York City and New Jersey comes at a premium. Whether you’re a retailer planning a grand opening or an event planner putting together a party, it often simply makes more sense to rent rather than buy. 

At Gogi Visuals, we specialize in crowd control rental NYC and crowd control barrier rental NJ. From the five boroughs — including Brooklyn, Manhattan, Staten Island and the Bronx — to Jersey City and beyond, we can provide you with the convenience of a rental with the quality and durability of a newly purchased premium rope barriers.

Crowd Control Rental

Velvet Rope for a Luxurious Look

  • Your Choice of Black, Red, Green Velour Rope — or Braided Bronze Rope
  • Mirror Polished Ball-Top Stanchions and Barrier System Hook Ends
  • 2″ Diameter Rope in 5′ Lengths
  • Sturdy, Construction – our stanchions feature wide, heavy solid stainless steel bases to prevent tip-overs resulting from being bumped into or pushed
  • Great for parties, celebrity events and night clubs

Retractable Stanchion Belts for Practical Everyday Use

For schools, Universities and retailers, a velvet-style rope setup may either not be necessary or just not fit in with the décor of your location. If you need bank teller line dividers for say, class registration week or supermarket shoppers, a velour rope can be a bit of overkill. In that case, we offer plain, understated black canvas stanchion belts that have the following features:

  • 40″ Tall Guidance Stanchions
  • Three belt clips with one 7′ (84″) Black Retractable Belt per stanchion – for versatility and an easy set up
  • Solid Stainless Steel Stanchion Bases – for durability and to prevent tip-overs
  • Rubber Floor Guards under each stanchion base – helps to keep stanchions in place and protects polished floors from scratches or scuffs
  • Great for museums, art galleries, schools or retail

On top of being dependable — and necessary to maintain order in many crowded situations involving lines of customers — these crowd control barricades help to make your business and organizational operations run both more smoothly and more efficiently. 

Longer Lines Mean Shorter Wait Times

Many food retailers are discovering that one single, long line will move faster than multiple shorter lines at checkouts. This is something banks have known and practiced for decades. In addition, you’re able to offer the same level of service to each customer. There’s no wasted time shuffling people from longer to shorter lines — and no guesswork for them trying to pick the fastest cashier. 

The same goes with events such as parties and concerts. In many cases, a single snaking line utilizing crowd control stanchions will get your guests through even faster than hiring more workers or opening multiple box offices will.

Trust the Local (and Nationwide) Experts 

We have been a provider of crowd control barriers for decades. We know which models are the most durable and dependable. That’s why we only offer the best brands — and keep them in mint condition — so that you can represent your business or organization with pride. We’ve served clients at all manner of events, from celebrity charity functions and award shows to large family and corporate events. 

While these barriers are simple to set up, we can demonstrate or even provide a quick and easy installation anywhere. From the NYC/ New Jersey area to nationwide, we’re here to help. Trust the local (and national) experts for your rope barrier NYC crowd control rentals.

In addition to our loyal NYC area clientele, we have also served international corporate clients, small businesses and event management entrepreneurs throughout the United States. If you’re interested in a quality crowd control setup anywhere in the country, please feel free to reach out anytime.

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