Beautiful colors; a consistent, well-designed signs font style — along with showstoppers such as illuminated sign faces, clever copy and a catchy brand name. Not to mention sturdy construction using quality materials and followed by a skilled installation. These are all elements people think of when they think of business signage. 

But one often overlooked step in the process is what makes every effective storefront graphic, billboard or hanging banner possible: the site survey.

Site surveys are inspections of an area where any work is proposed. They are a way of gathering information for a design or an estimate — in order to complete the initial tasks required for an activity. A site survey can help determine: 

  • Precise Location – what’s the best, most visible spot for a sign?
  • Orientation (positioning, direction, etc.) – which directions(s) should the sign face?
  • Access for Workers – we identify any obstacles standing in the way of the project’s completion — as well as locate barriers to future repair and maintenance.
  • Permits and Zoning – in order to obtain a permit for outdoor signs, plans must be submitted using measurements obtained during the site survey. An onsite measurement will also be used to verify the zoning regulations for that specific address.

Full Service Sign Design

As a full service sign company Gogi Visuals provides the meticulous and precise measuring that’s required to ensure a sign is designed, manufactured and installed correctly the first time. We have decades of successful commercial signage under our belts. This experience allows us to know the best and most efficient way to carry out each survey. 

From corporate stores to other sign companies, graphics companies, event management companies and small businesses — our sign design resources are available to help ensure a great looking and functional end product. From the sizes of signs to legally obtained permits, a site inspection brings you the information needed to make the crucial decisions required for your next project.

The Five Steps of Custom Signage

  1. Site Survey – before agreeing to specifics such as design or the exact type of sign, a site survey is necessary to flesh out precise measurements for the proposed installation area.  Even more importantly is the inspection of the exact location of the sign. Proper visibility, access for installation and maintenance, as well as a look at the feasibility for mechanical fasteners, welding, electrical work, etc.
  2. Design – This is the fun part where imagination and creativity comes in. Our design department will either proof a pre-existing design provided by you — or collaborate with your team on a stunning, original custom design. The only limitations are the agreed upon budget and the guidelines provided by the site inspection data.
  3. Permits – If your signage is located outdoors, larger than six square feet or lights up, then it will probably require a permit. This is the case in all New York City boroughs including Brooklyn, the Bronx, Manhattan and Staten Island — as well as most municipalities in New Jersey, such as Jersey City. There are zoning and code regulations that must be followed and an annual fee for lighted signage. At Gogi Visuals, we can use our decades of experience to help cut through the necessary red tape and expedite this necessary step.
  4. Production – The manufacturing process is when the investment in the right materials assembled by skilled technicians combines for an attractive, durable sign that will last for years or even decades with the proper care and maintenance. Once production has been completed the end product is closely inspected for any defects or printing errors. The site survey ensures the ideal banner size or traditional sign size.
  5. Installation – The final and perhaps most vital step in making custom signage is making sure a new sign is securely and safely fastened to a surface known as a substrate. Depending on how long the service life is expected to be, this may be done using a variety of different hardware — from drilled bolts and welding to 3M engineer grade tape and other adhesives. For an illuminated sign, installation will also entail wiring and lighting work using UL-listed components for safety and dependability.

The Right Signage Begins with the Right Project Management

At Gogi Visuals, our full service project management helps to ensure legal, safe and great looking signage, often using cutting edge methods:

Manual Site Inspection – many site surveys involve measuring the area by hand and documenting dimensions — including height, width and depth. For second story and larger signage, this will often involve construction equipment such as a bucket truck or aerial work platform, also known as a scissor lift. This process can be time-consuming and often involves getting permission to access roofs or different floors of a building, as well as providing the proper safety equipment for workers.

Digital Site Inspection – whenever it can save our clients valuable time and money, we always utilize digital on-site surveys. These can be conducted easily and safely from the ground using the latest precision laser range finders, position finders and optical levels. We can calibrate our equipment and take all measurements from street level within minutes. We will even create a computer-generated site survey to include with your sign permit application.

Signs Permit Application – At Gogi Visuals we always do our research by pulling previous permits to view the latest regulations in a given area. We can even include the following with your sign permit application:

  • Elevation Drawing to Scale
  • Color Scheme and Building Material Rendering
  • Site Plan Drawn to Scale – including setbacks (such as easements), air rights and property lines where applicable

The Gogi Visuals team will handle all these details in order to ensure a smooth permit process. We sweat the small stuff so you don’t have to!

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