About us

Design, printing, and installation are the most obvious steps in the process of constructing graphic signage.

However, what may be the most crucial element in the execution of effective graphics, signs, and displays is the meticulous and precise measurement of the site beforehand.

Gogi Visuals has the expertise to conduct site surveys for your store, office, property, or trade show booth. We have decades of experience under our belts in navigating the unique challenges inherent to operating in the five boroughs of New York City. Limited size spaces, tight corners, odd angles, zoning regulations, and building codes are all indispensable factors to consider.

We conduct graphics installation surveys, new sign site surveys and trade show location surveys using state of the art auditing techniques, analysis of space utilization, and data collection in our site inspections — in order to ensure your graphics will be installed spot on and attract the right kind of attention.

These are just some of the crucial key points included in our comprehensive site survey inspection visits:

  • Photos and Dimensions of Target Signage / Graphics Areas
  • Elevation Measurements
  • Site Plan Featuring Map of Existing Signs
  • Installation Site Assessment & Measurements
  • Existing Exterior and Interior Site Dimensions
  • Code Research and Recommendations

Gogi Visuals can help you to access new markets and potential connections with prospective clients. Our time-tested methods help simplify a complex process.

Doing what we do best allows you to have the peace of mind in order to concentrate on what you do best. At the same time, our project managers make themselves available for any feedback and to address your specific needs and interest every step along the way.

Our guiding philosophy is not to merely satisfy the customer’s basic requirements, but to impress you and everyone who views our work. Vivid colors, eye-catching designs and faithful renderings of your organization’s logos and artwork are the reasons why we are the premier graphics installation firm in New York.

We can help you to realize your vision for an attractive space with our know-how and skills. We take our work seriously so that you can enjoy your upgraded property, office, or show space — and are able to roll out campaigns in a style that matches your imagination.

From a one person operation or small store to a large corporation or venerable institution, we can help make short work of the graphics installations involved in any new project or venture — from start to finish. We have an extensive background in working with enterprises of all types, sizes, and industries, including:

  • Freelancers
  • Media Companies
  • International Retailers Providing Their Own Graphics
  • Retail Stores
  • Corporate Stores
  • Sign Companies
  • Graphics Companies
  • Event Management Companies
  • Schools
  • Universities
  • Offices

Our indoor and outdoor custom graphics and installation services range from boutique to big business, freelancers to large organizations, and everything in between — no project is too large or too small.

Removable and permanent vinyl decal installation, sign removal, trade show and expo booth set up are just some of the solutions we provide.

And we’ll work with you to ensure that original designs and stunning, eye catching colors — printed on 3M, Avery, and Oracle vinyl film material with thicknesses of 13, 15 and 18 ounces — will be properly installed and code compliant the first time, so your organization can begin standing out in a location of any size or shape.

Graphics, signage, and displays serve not just an informative and functional purpose — but through thoughtful design and installation actually enhance the aesthetics of interior and exterior spaces — often transforming their surroundings. Combining branding with state of the art fabrication materials and code compliance is always a smart investment that adds value to your property, campus, office, trade show booth, or retail environment.

Our team is always here to fulfill all your needs for custom lettering, graphics, signs and displays — from the planning stage to manufacturing and installation — as well as everything in between.

Contact us today for a free quote and let us show you how we can expertly and affordably install any graphic to virtually any surface.

You can call us any time at this number +1 (718) 213-7467