Window Display Installation – Window Props and Graphics Installation

The way you present your products or service promotions in your store window says a lot about who you are and what your business is about. Take a look at your own storefront and ask the following questions:

  1. Is your window too cluttered or empty looking?
  2. Are your window display podiums the proper height so that your merchandise is eye level?
  3. Are your mannequins beat up and dirty with fading, chipped features? 

These are just some of the issues you may need to address in order to make sure you’re drawing crowds into your store rather than scaring them away. In addition to keeping a clean and tidy sidewalk, you’ll need original, current presentations and the right color combinations in order to appear a welcoming and inviting place for prospective customers. 

Our Window Display Installation Services

At Gogi Media, we specialize in the kind of window presentations that draw individuals in with captivating graphics, as well as just the right number of props and well-placed products.

From a simple wrap graphic to window cardboard displays installation and full 3-D custom window display fabrication, we have the printing equipment and CAD technology — from precision laser cutting and CNC routers to illuminated signage, digital displays and the latest commercial grade laser printers — that can pull out all the stops. 

We can stage a thoughtful, one of a kind window presentation that will get heads turning and people talking. Transform your retail store, shopping mall or restaurant from just another place to pass by into a sought out destination with our retail window displays specialists.

As custom window display fabricators our repertoire of services includes: 

  • Design
  • Fabrication
  • Product Line Rollouts 
  • Digital Wall and Window Displays
  • Lighting (including LED and neon)
  • CAD Cutting and Carving
  • Vinyl Window Decals
  • Prop Production and Staging
  • Window and Barricade Wraps
  • Multi-Story Graphic Displays

Types of Window Displays

There are two main types of window displays: Graphic displays and Prop Displays

Graphics Displays

You may wish to go with a vinyl film graphic that covers your window rather than a display that uses props. This can help with privacy and cut costs, as well as prevent your employees and customers from feeling like they’re working or shopping in a fish bowl.

We offer four different types of vinyl window graphics displays, all done by our team of 3M-certified installers:

⇒ First Surface – also known as an “outside-looking-out” display or wrap, the graphics are installed on the window exterior with adhesive on the back. One of the biggest advantages to this is that the mounting surface — otherwise known as the substrate — does not have to be see-through, transparent glass.

⇒ Second Surface – also known as “inside-looking-out” display, it uses a graphic installed from the inside of the glass. One really functional aspect of this style of graphic is its durability. Protected from the elements on the inside of your storefront glass, it is shielded from much of the weather damage and abrasions it can encounter outside. 

⇒ Short Term – a type of graphic decal produced with adhesive materials that are made to be easily peeled off — such as with special low tack glue or static clings — in order to be regularly changed out for seasonal decorations, sales and specials.

⇒ Long Term – these are window decals — such as a store logo or gold leaf lettering — that are meant to last for years, and can be used in conjunction with a cardboard or prop display.

Window Prop Displays

Anytime you’ve been to a shopping mall or the front of a department or jewelry store you’ve seen a 3-D display utilizing props — such as podiums and mannequins — along with real merchandise. From large retailers to savvy gift shops and boutiques, these type of custom window display installations requires a flare for the dramatic. 

The Art of Prop Installations

Imagine a pharmacy window featuring flasks, beakers and other laboratory glassware filled with illuminated, bright colored liquids — or a book store window staged for a peaceful fireside scene, complete with a comfy leather chair, side table and stack of leather-bound volumes topped with a pair of wire- rimmed reading glasses

While much of the process for window decorators is an art, we can list some of the more concrete steps behind our prop displays:

⇒ We’ll plan in advance. We’ll work with you to figure out what you want for a holiday or seasonal display at least a month beforehand in order to make sure you get exactly what you want. For clothing and other retail stores, timing a display change with the seasons is crucial. No one wants to sell swim trunks after Labor Day just like no one wants a Christmas display in February.

⇒ We’ll help you choose props. From humorous cardboard cut outs and stylishly dressed mannequins to real furniture, we can walk you through the process of using a few select pieces. This will allow your space to appear fun, inviting and full — but not too full. 

⇒ We’ll help you choose products. We’ll also help you to choose a few key items to display, things that will get shoppers’ mouths watering for more.

⇒ We’ll help you choose a centerpiece. In many cases a retail display will have one focal point that will “pop” — preferably a higher ticket item. This will help to wow motivated buyers and draw them in.

⇒ We’ll create a multi-layered display with products at eye level. You will want window shoppers to discover different sized products and other “Easter eggs” as they look more closely. This is known as layering. We’ll also make sure your merchandise is at eye level — whether for pedestrians or passing cars. 

We can also supply all the necessary components and accessories for your display, including:

Window Display Installtion

  • Shape Cutting
  • Podiums
  • Mannequins
  • Prop Acquisitions
  • Spotlights
  • Display Construction

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